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How long is the first meeting?

Usually up to 90 minutes but it depends on how long it takes for us to understand what’s important to and how we can help to activate the life you want to live today and into the future.

How can we be sure that we are making the most of our money?

At Liberum Financial, we’ll help you to determine what is most important to you and how to achieve the life you want to live today and tomorrow. All of us have our own wants and goals and it’s our mission to guide your financial decision making around these.

Whether it’s funding a private school education, renovating or purchasing a new home, or enjoying a great family holiday, we can help to ensure you are making the most of your money and activating the life you want, today and into the future.

What is a financial plan?

The answer is different for everyone and at Liberum Financial we understand that.

Each person and family has unique set of circumstances, values and goals. At Liberum Financial, we strive to identify those differences to create bespoke financial planning frameworks designed to help you realise those goals.

The financial plan is your own personal blueprint to target your wants / goals whilst staying true to your values. Your personal financial plan will be created just for you and your family’s goals for the future.

Are you associated with a bank?

No. Liberum Financial is a fee-based practice and not affiliated with any bank, or insurance company.

How does Liberum Financial decide on investments?

That’s determined by you, your goals and the vehicles you’ll need to achieve them.

At Liberum Financial we see investments as solutions to your goals, not influencers. We are neither product nor investments driven. Our core business is about understanding your wants, values and goals; only then do we advocate any product/investment suitability within your portfolio. As your coach and mentor, we look beyond the numbers to ensure there is a strategic fit towards discovering wealth and activating the life you want.

What makes you different from other financial advisers?

We take the time to learn about what is important to you and what you want to achieve in order to deliver our recommended strategies to get you there. Listening to your story and devising a solid financial plan that clearly targets your view of financial freedom is how we do this. We’ll challenge you to set realistic and achievable goals.

What does it cost?

We’re a fee-based practice.

This means that we will provide you with an engagement letter setting out the direct cost for you to ‘Get Your Financial House in Order’ as well as the direct costs involved for Liberum Financial services to ‘Keep You on Track’.

The level of this fee depends on the complexity and the level of service required to achieve your goals and activate the life you want.

Liberum Financial do NOT receive upfront or ongoing commissions from recommending any investment products. We also guarantee that no fees are incurred without your prior written consent. By not receiving commissions, you will see that your costs for the investments you choose will decrease and this will be a permanent saving for you year in, year out.

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