Liberum Private

Expertise, insights, and opportunities for sophisticated investors.

Liberum Private

(Direct access, exclusive insights and unique investment opportunities for high net worth and sophisticated investors)

By invitation.

Our bespoke and highly personalised offering available only to high net worth and sophisticated investors acknowledges the complexity and diversity of your needs to help you grow, manage and protect your wealth.

As part of our integrated planning and wealth management services, tailored to suit your individual needs, clients of Liberum Private can take advantage of:

  • unique investment opportunities unavailable to the general public
  • direct access to investment, research and market specialists; and
  • exclusive insights and networking events.

Together with our extensive network of experts, our team is committed to helping you realise your goals through exceptional service, support and advice.

termini vestri

(on your terms)

Liberum Private caters to the unique and diverse needs of our clients by providing a spectrum of advice and services. From the flexibility of execution-only services through to comprehensive wealth management, our team is here to help you realise your goals on your terms.

Services and advice options to suit your style

Our execution-only service is designed for those who want the flexibility to manage their own investments, but are looking for assistance in implementing unique investment offers and opportunities.

For those who know what they want but look to our team of specialists on how to achieve it. Together with access to unique opportunities, we share exclusive insights, bringing the resources of our extensive network of experts to you.

If you’re satisfied with your current investments but are keen to explore how you could diversify into other areas, our market leading specialists can assist you with advice and wealth opportunities tailored to your specific needs.

Our complete wealth management solution is tailored to your individual needs to help you grow, manage and protect your wealth. We’ll help you to close any gaps and take advantage of opportunities that will ensure you realise your goals sooner.

Unique investment opportunities

As a high net worth and sophisticated investor, we understand you’re looking for unique ways to grow your portfolio, which is why we offer Liberum Private clients exclusive updates and alerts on investment opportunities unavailable to the general public, tailored to your personal interests and goals.

Direct access to investment, research and market specialists

In addition to receiving personalised insights from our team of experts, we know the value and power of knowledge, which is why Liberum Private clients are provided unfettered access to the Managing Director and the Co-Chief Investment Officer of our research team, Innova Asset Management, to run questions past and get the latest updates on market activity.

Exclusive insights

As a Liberum Private client, aside from regular market updates, you will receive invitations to exclusive learning events and experiences tailored specifically to the needs of high net worth and sophisticated investors around topics such as generational wealth transfer, estate and succession planning and philanthropic giving.

mundus novus

(new world financial planning)

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our flexible and integrated financial planning and wealth management services can help you to realise your goals, get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation.

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