aged care preparation

Placing a relative or loved on into aged care is an emotional and financially complex journey for both the person moving in to care, and those responsible for the decision making. Not only is the right accommodation necessary to find, but often the costs of administration and care are difficult to understand and negotiate.

Often families attempt to organise the process on their own but in doing so, can easily make mistakes and fail to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

We’ve partnered with Equity Trustees who have aged care specialists with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of aged care across Queensland. Their primary objective is for a person’s transition into aged care to be a successful and seamless experience.

We can assist with

  • Selection of facility – matching the aged care facility with the needs of the individual, including geographic location and preferences. A forward looking approach is taken to ensure the individual’s current as well as future care needs are considered. Knowledge of facilities is nationwide, catering for interstate relations.
  • Accommodation bond and fee negotiation.
  • Assistance in completion and submission of all paperwork.
  • Coordinating the move to help relieve stress from your family.

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Liberum financial can help ensure the best outcome from a financial perspective including calculating the optimal amounts of bonds and fees, and also helping to maximise any entitlements that may be available.
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