retirement planning

Retirement planning is all about organising your assets and savings into a plan which will meet your goals for retirement. You might be retired for 20 years or more, therefore it’s essential to plan now for your future. The key to successful retirement planning is generating enough income to pay for your desired lifestyle.

We have extensive and successful experience in financial planning and retirement services tailored to you.

We work with you to

  • summarise your current financial position and future goals;
  • analyse any taxation or superannuation laws, or Centrelink rules that will apply to your situation;
  • recommend investments that will help you achieve your goals;
  • explain what you need to do next;
  • highlight any fees payable

With your personal goals in mind, we will create  a framework for future financial decisions and show you

  • how you can still earn a regular income once you’ve retired;
  • how to reduce tax payable;
  • how to top up your income with Centrelink benefits;
  • how to maximise your super even after you’ve retired.

How much do I need?

As you get closer to retirement, the importance of your superannuation becomes much clearer. Fortunately, when you turn 55, new options help you to boost your super savings. Let’s look at where you are before we introduce you to some strategies to get you on track for retirement.In particular, we’ll look at Transition to Retirement.

Are you on track for retirement?

  • How much money do you currently have in savings?
  • Are you on track for a comfortable retirement?
  • How long will your savings last?

Use the ASIC Money Smart Superannuation Calculator to check your progress.

  • Do you want help getting your savings on track for retirement?
  • Do you have a savings shortfall?

We can also help you try to boost your retirement savings by discussing strategies to boost your super.

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