A presentation by the Fortnum Foundation was made in Brisbane to Suzanne Rose, Chair of the charitable organisation, Aunties and Uncles. Ryan Dobbrick (pictured above second from right) from Liberum Financial along with Steve Nichols from Stratus and Fairway Financial Advice, welcomed members of the Aunties and Uncles Board.

Aunties and Uncles is an early intervention and prevention program helping vulnerable children aged 1-11 years, with on-going care and support, within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

Children are linked with a mentor (Aunt / Uncle) who offer each child time, attention, care, stability, guidance and exposure to new experiences to empower them to reach their potential and establish their future.

Each ‘link’ lasts for a minimum of 12 months, with many relationships continuing well beyond this.

Here at Liberum Financial we are so proud to be supporting The Fortnum Foundation. The Fortnum Foundation was established in 2011 based on the notion of formalising goodwill that already existed among Fortnum Financial Advisers.  For more on the charities the foundation support – click through HERE