Death and taxes… the certainty just got even more real

One of the sleeper impacts of changes to the superannuation system is the affect on estate plans.

Before the changes – ordinarily if dad died, he reverted his pension to mum and she would continue to draw a pension and vice versa if mum died first – ie all of their superannuation could stay inside super.

But, the changes to superannuation mean you can now only have a pension balance of $1.6M – per person, meaning if dad dies and leaves his pension to mum, if that’s in excess of $1.6m – that excess will need to be paid out as a lump sum – in addition to mum rolling her pension balance back to accumulation!

The need to pay out any excess poses a number of questions:

  • Is paying it to mum directly sensible,  or should it be directed to a testamentary trust?
  • Does the fund have the liquidity to pay out the excess eg what happens if all assets are in property?
  • Have retirement plans been based on the fund earning tax-free income?

We’ll be reaching out to those clients impacted directly – ie anyone with super balance in excess of $1.6M to talk specifically about the structure of their estate – but we wanted share this example with you, so that you may share with your family and friends if you think they may be impacted.


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