Super Strategies for Couples

If you are a member of a couple, you may be able to use certain superannuation strategies to grow your retirement assets or save tax.

One particular strategy is called contribution splitting where you can split a portion of your employer super contributions (and personal deductible contributions) with your spouse. Where there is a reasonable age gap between members of the couple, this strategy can provide earlier access to super benefits and tax concessions. Furthermore, you can use contribution splitting to achieve a more even distribution of superannuation benefits. Over time, superannuation legislation is subject to change. Spreading a couple’s superannuation benefits across both members of a couple could help protect against future legislative risk.

Another useful strategy for couples to consider is a spouse contribution. If you contribute to your spouse’s super, you may be able to receive a tax offset and build retirement savings.

If your spouse’s income is within $10,800, you can reduce your tax by up to 18% on the first $3,000 of after-tax income you contribute into their super. This means you get a $540 tax offset on the $3,000 you contribute. This may not sound like much as a one-off, but over time it can grow to a substantial saving. The tax offset decreases as your spouse’s income exceeds $10,800 and cuts off when their income is $13,800 or more. This does not mean you can no longer contribute, it just means you won’t receive a tax offset.

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